HVAC and Cooling Tower Services

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HVAC and Cooling Tower Services

While routine maintenance and inspection can prevent severe issues along with your cooling towers, problems will still occur. If one thing goes wrong along with your towers, our emergency repair specialists are are always on call. We tend to think about our customers to be a part of the Unilac family, and that we give high-quality, reasonable service once you want it.

Our knowledgeable team of focuses on HVAC repairs and maintenance and might fix any problem from small leaks to basin assembly repairs to structural faults. No job is simply too huge or too tiny for our professional welders.

Cooling Tower Installation, Retrofits & Replacements

Unfortunately, no matter how well you maintain your HVAC system, cooling system replacements or upgrades are inevitable investments. However, Unilac extremely trained and skilled professionals can make sure that refurbishing your towers is a smooth, hassle free method.

First, we offer a thorough examination of your towers. Unilac will only replace the units if necessary, or per your request. Otherwise, we tend to use the simplest and newest technology on the market to upgrade your existing cooling towers—adding all needed components—from mechanical instrumentation to spray systems to assortment basin assemblies and far additional.

If you would like new towers— Unilac takes care of everything—from installation (rigged by crane, or installed on site), to demolition and removal.


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